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Plank Owner

Plankowner (a Navy term which acknowledges those inaugural members bringing the Museum to life much like a ship’s plankowners who are the first time crew of a Navy Ship).We are bringing that tradition to our museum and inviting you to become a museum plankowner. 

Plankowner membership includes unlimited admission to the Museum, admission to the SEAL Adventure ride, 10% discount at museum store, invitation to the private Grand Opening on 6/28 as well as a plaque acknowledging membership in this unique and select inaugural membership group. Cost is $250 for the years 2022 & 2023.

  • Personalized plaque identifying your unique membership
  • Unlimited admission to the museum through Dec 2023
  • Admission to the SEAL Adventure ride
  • 10% discount at museum store (online & in person)
  • Invitation to the private Grand Opening on 6/28/2022

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