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Uncommon Grit (signed)

Uncommon Grit

This isn't just s signed copy of Uncommon Grit. Darren came out to the opening of the museum and signed every book we had, making this a truly special edition. 

Retired Navy SEAL and professional photographer Darren McBurnett takes readers behind the scenes into the elite SEAL training program, BUD/S, in Coronado, California.

Striking, beautiful, and haunting, 
Uncommon Grit takes a unique, unprecedented look at the toughest training in the military -- and the world -- from the vantage point of someone who lived through it. Retired Navy SEAL Darren McBurnett includes vivid descriptions of both the physical and mental evolutions that occur as a result of the immensely challenging SEAL training process.

His stunning photographs, partnered with his compelling insights and sharp sense of humor, allow the reader to laugh, cringe, gasp, and even envision themselves going through this extraordinary experience.

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